Shin sleeves protectors guards for weightlifting and CrossFit, black color with bag for easy washing

Dhs. 120


Your safety is a priority!

Shin guards are made of high quality 5 mm thick Neoprene material, providing excellent shin protection for deadlifts, rope climbs, cleans, snatches, box jumps and crossfit exercises.

Shin Guards save time and effort when wearing and removing them from your shins. You do not need to remove your shoes or socks in order to complete the training. Just put them on quickly around your shins. Save time and energy during your workout by wearing and removing Wahsh shin guards in seconds.

Shin Guards can be worn directly on the skin, over socks, pants and tights. They can be worn all year around during all seasons and weather conditions. Our shin guards can be worn only when necessary during a workout, just for specific “shin threatening” exercises and to be taken off quickly for all other exercises, providing maximum comfort for the overall workout.