Leather Wrist Wraps/ Weightlifting Straps

Dhs. 85
  • It can be looped multiple times for a tighter grip on the barbell. This is the most common and versatile type of wrist strap, and good for both casual lifting and pushing past PRs
  • With a softer leather, you can feel very comfort while in fitness training. Just takes about 2-3 workouts to feel comfortable on the wrist. Ultra-thin soft belt, good for women and men
  • Durable: High quality demure cowhide leather for maximum durability. Leather is how it maintains shape when heavy loads are placed on it, it snaps back and barely shows stress. 
  • Outstanding Strength Training Accessories: If you are looking to increase muscle size and strength in your upper back, trapezius, and hamstring muscles, lifting straps right for you. They allow you to lift more weight to work these muscles than your natural grip might allow.
  • Exercises: Dumbbell or barbell rows, Shrugs, Deadlifts. Romanian dead lifts, Rack pulls.